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Headmasters UK Colour Heroes grand Final
Morrisons Magazine
Look Magazine*
Steve Goldsworthy*
Wella Italia*
Kissaunl Productions* Midnight Beast pilot E4
Talk Sport


Eileen fisher - Assisting Alexis Day
LFW SS14 Killian Kremer – Assisting Alexis Day
LFW SS14 Georgina Harley-smith – Assisting Alexis Day
PFW SS12 Nana Anagovich – Assisting Sinden
Azafady Charity Fashion Show
LFW My Only One
Southend College Graduate Fashion Show
ABC Trust Charity Show
The Clothes Show Live, Fashion Theatre - Jemma Kidd Pro Team
LFW AW09 Rocky S- Assisting Vaida Mugenyte
LFW AW09 Peacock and Falguni Shane – Assisting Vaida Mugenyte
PFW AW09 Roberto de Villacis Haute Couture Show
Wimbledon Fashion Week
Middlesex University, Fashion Degree show-Assisting Alexander Byrne
Star FX

*Assisting Krystle Gohel

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